Madeline Rose, the Co-Founder and Curatorial Director of Femaissance, is an independent digital media freelancer specializing in photography, videography, and social media management for small local businesses. She calls herself a “curator of both digital and physical spaces,” and also teaches indoor cycling (RIDE) at Romney Studios. Originally from New York City, Maddy received her BA in Art History and Digital Media Production from Tulane University in May 2015. She resides in New Orleans’ Irish Channel and is working on a variety of projects throughout the city.

Halle Kaplan-Allen, the Co-Founder of Femaissance, has over three years of experience in marketing, sales, and event planning. Originally from Washington, DC, Halle received her BA in Sociology and Communication from Tulane University in May 2015. She works in sales at Lucid, a New Orleans-based tech company with offices around the world.